Changing space



Took my weekly walk on the new block – completion date December this year, possibly February, and the picture above is pre-tty much where my office will be. In our current road, cars go up-and-down all day long, kind of a drag-strip to be honest – totally unfriendly for kids, who’ve never really experienced having a safe street with a pavement/sidewalk to go on.  The new block, in our fairly hilly country town in Western Australia,  has a granite hill (mountain, if you’re Australian) behind it with huge boulders to climb, no through traffic to speak of really, and my kids will be able to get into the Australian bush with just a few steps. There are plenty of snakes to avoid in summer, roos to spot, lots of birdlife (pelicans, ibis, parrots, kookaburras and many more) and one particularly massive boulder where I figure we can sit and watch the sun go down – my youngest daughter and I have already done that. I think there is something to the notion of a “creative space” – I know I can’t wait to have decent sunlight coming into my study instead of Stygian darkness, and having the view over water with hills in the distance will be pretty special too. For me, the move can’t come quick enough, and it will definitely be a super-inspiring space to be creative I think 🙂

Nb. Reminds me to of a fantastic book I read years ago about building your own writing area away from your house, “A Place of my Own: the education of an amateur builder” (by Michael Pollan) which you can find by clicking on the image. Worth a read.


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