Iam a freelance translator/copy-editor/localiser (US English into UK or Australian English) and translate from Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Dutch into English. I am a member of the ATA, ITI and AUSIT and have also passed the U.S. NCLEX-RN in Atlanta, Georgia. I am married to Liz (an obstetrician/GP) and we live in Western Australia with our 3 children, two dogs and a number of fish. I also have a son, Olav, in southern Norway. Despite the nerdish leanings I am highly sociable and enjoy being with my family, riding my bike fast with my local cycle club, spending time with my family, blogging or dealing with anything language related. I have two dogs who stare balefully at me if I don’t take them for a run first thing in the morning. As well as being a translator I have been a London policeman, an intensive care nurse for many years (including working as an RN in Norway) and a nightwatchman in a Norwegian residential home! I am actively involved in mentoring new translators and am on the professional development committee of the Australian T & I body. I’m also currently studying for the diploma in copy editing,  proofreading and publishing as part of my ongoing professional development. I love networking/touching base with other translators and try and get to at least one conference annually.

Why “Cycling Translator”?

I’m a long-time fan of cycle sports and joined my local bike club in Albany, Western Australia, a couple of years ago when we moved here from Perth (also in Western Australia). This is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world, with whales just off shore (including killer whales) in our winter months and a multitude of scenic rides, including lots of hills! Cycling with a bunch of friends several times a week is the perfect antidote to the relative isolation of the freelance translator and I recommend it to anyone. July usually finds me up late watching Le Tour, and I take pride in living in a nation that punches above its weight in the world of competitive cycling – must be the Vegemite!

If you’d like to discuss a translation or revision project please contact me via this forum or visit my website (www.scandinaviantranslations.org). You can also message me via my iPhone or use Skype.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I just discovered your blog today, and I really enjoyed reading what you’ve put down here. I translate Japanese to English, mostly financial, and I appreciate your tips and insights about marketing. Although I’ve been in the business for over a decade, I got a bit “spoiled” by having big investment bank clients, but they’ve been in the soup for a few years now, and I really have to work harder on finding other kinds of work.
    I live in Massachusetts, not far from Boston, and I look forward to meeting you if you make it to the ATA in October.
    Terry Gallagher


    • Thanks for the comment Terry. I know exactly what you mean by the way – I work with medical projects and I’ve experienced a definite “quiet period” over the past 12 months, but fortunately that seems to be recovering now. I’d love to get to the ATA conference this year, but I suspect, due to family budget and obligations, it might have to be next year – but I’m looking forward to it and I’ll definitely say hi when I do get there!


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